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You can click this to show (and hide) a chat window. If you remove them from your friends, they will no longer be able to chat with you.

You can control your visibility by turning your chat on and off.

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If the code is real, the two Toons will appear on each other's friends list if they were not regular friends already, and the name tags of the two Toons will appear blue on each others' screens.

The Dutch settlers brought their tradition of Sinterklaas (St.

The question Houseparty will face now that the company is ready to talk about it is that same one that dogged Meerkat: can it last?

Last spring, when his company’s live-streaming app Meerkat became an overnight sensation, Ben Rubin explained its popularity with two words: "spontaneous togetherness." Starting a broadcast with a couple of taps from a mobile phone, reaching a huge audience of friends and interested strangers, proved irresistible when Meerkat had its breakout moment at South by Southwest.

They would buy a gift for the person whom they drew. Now that family members and friends often live far away from each other, the hat process can become tricky.

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