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Here's the problem: We recently became intimate for the first time, and he is, unfortunately, very poorly endowed—so small that I did some Google searching and think he might have a micropenis.

When you can't feel anything during the act, that's a problem.

The Master simply tells them to go to the priests, who were the first-century referees as to whether a healing had taken place.

He is hugely engaging as Peter Carter, a British Second World War bomber pilot who, as his burning plane plummets towards the ground, falls for the comforting, American, female voice on the other end of his radio.

Although his time was supposed to be up, a celestial oversight (a la Heaven Can Wait) causes him to cheat death, and he and the radio operator (Kim Hunter) soon meet.

But time has served this unusual Brit flick well, so much so that a loyal and loving audience awaits the release of this new 35mm print.

It's very much a film of its time and yet the themes are universal.

"This," Henry notes, "was a trial of their obedience." How would they respond to the Lord's ambiguous command?

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