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We just had a big fight about my eating, and I feel so disconnected and hurt. I know you want to share your love of food with your loved ones — hell, with the whole world. But this is not an issue of food so much as it is one of relationships. In many relationships, one partner sees themselves as the Great Offerer of Experiences, Ideas, and Tastes, and sees the other as an empty vessel into which they pour their Experiences, Ideas, and Tastes.

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This is a teacher-student dynamic, or a parent-child dynamic, or a mentor-mentee dynamic.

This dynamic has its place, but it is not a shared-love-between-equals dynamic. Do you want your partner to be your student or your equal?

Hey I have a question that I wish to know for years!! So is there going to be a chapter in the manga where they end up together, become a couple!! I think that if Soul and Maka DID end up together that it would ruin it. Kid wouldn't be able to date one of his weapons. And Black Star with Maka doesn't sound likely either. XD :) : D :)) They already understand eachother and work really well together; in fact if you showed someone who knew nothing of Soul Eater a scene from later in the manga, they would probably think that they were together; so I don't see any need for them to get to the "official" couple state; they should keep the relationship as it is now and maybe have them get together at the very end...

On the internet are hundrets of So Ma (Soul x Maka) pics!! Yeah but in the manga Kid seems attracted to her as well, haven't you seen them staring at eachother? THE FIGHT FOR SOMA (Soul XMaka) Alright Their Love Is Like A Sweet Strawberry Dipped In A Chocolate (Soul Is The Chocolate While Maka Is The Strawberry XD) THEY ARE ALWAYS SO CUTE TOGETHER WHEN I SEE THEM BOTH MY ANGER IS ALREADY GONE AND BEING PLACE WITH FUN AND HAPPINESS!!!!

But I really hope there will be more romance if they do make another season.

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