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And fantasizing about your crush is very different than actually talking to them. The right thing and the easy thing aren’t always the same Sometimes you might find yourself stuck in a bad or toxic relationship and can’t find a way out.

It’s not easy to get out of any relationship, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do for you and for your partner. Understand the importance of consent Some people (wrongly) think that just because you’re in a relationship means you have automatic consent. Consent is important no matter what the nature of your relationship is!

I can easily explain that I have to prep for the week ahead.

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You can always say no in any situation, even if it’s with someone you’re dating. You might not know someone is bad for you That’s okay!

Part of growing and getting older is learning to spot people that you don’t need in your life.

He always offered great advice and made you feel like “Yes, things Dreams are great! But living in a dream world is not good for you and spending time in your fantasies instead of real life isn’t doing anything for you.

This applies to relationships in that you might be stuck in a fantasy of what you think your relationship is like instead of maybe seeing how it actually is.

But you keep wondering whether you’ll be able to trust someone enough to make it past the first date – and if not, should you even bother trying? Know that others who have been cheated on went through the same mistrust and fear of dating, and they eventually found happiness.

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