Da brat and david gest dating

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La Minnelli, meanwhile, must be having mixed feelings: after a union that lasted a mere 16 months in the early 2000s it emerged during their bitter divorce battle that there were allegations she had an unmentionable disease and there has always been the suspicion that David was behind the rumours. No one has ever been able to fathom what went on in that marriage, not least because it had widely been assumed that Gest was gay.

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As Cupid shoots his arrow over this week, Hip Hop DX collected some of the most memorable couples.

Some of these love affairs ended amicably, while the pain of others still echoes on.

She even said she wants to turn the whole hip-hopera into a musical.. Here’s a few links for her upcoming interview in BET is notorious for stupid shit, wackness, ignance’, clown ass rappers, ass and titty shaking, oh and did I mention–Gospel?

His death is shrouded in mystery like so much else in his extremely eventful life: found dead at the age of just 62 in a luxury London hotel, the erstwhile husband of Liza Minnelli, confidant of Michael Jackson, reality show contestant, multi- millionaire music producer and general oddball will not be around to entertain us any more.

Back in the 90’s when Allen Iverson was still in his NBA prime, and an aspiring rapper, it was rumored that he fell off on Da Brat so hard, he was even thinking about leaving his then wife Tawanna.

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