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I've asked my friends and they all give me the same, generic response "just ask her dude! "I'm hoping for a female perspective to put me on the right track...So here is the background: In high school I messed up my back pretty bad while working out. My first session was on her first day there so we talked about that, where we both went to college, and what plans we had in the future.

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A licensee shall never place the licensee's own financial interests above the welfare of the licensee's patients.

A licensee, regardless of the practice setting, shall safeguard the public from unethical and unlawful business practices.

It wasn't until she came to suspect in 2010 that Adamczak was seducing other patients that she felt she had to report him, first to the state licensing board and then to police.

By then, Adamczak had moved his office into the same building where the woman had opened her own physical therapy clinic in 2007.

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