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A young man has been left with “serious” facial injuries after a homophobic hate crime in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

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You are so awesome for always sending opportunities and great people my way Robert. I really hope it takes off and I fully support it... However....there were MANY typos and grammar problems throughout.... It really detracted from the professionalism and made the quality of the magazine questionable to some people. It is put together by one person, my friend in LA, and I hope she does get a professional editor to review it a number of times before printing. I used to type like that a while back when I was "busy" to try to show the reader I was in a "hurry," but I now think that proper punctuation is best, regardless of how much time I have to write. I'll pass this feedback along to the editor, as it is something she needs to hear.

This mag is going to be a great success with Brenda behind it.. I just heard from the Editor that the magazine went off to print! It is only $10 and will help another vegan business get going.

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Channel 5’s Autopsy series continues with Glee star, Cory Monteith’s tragic death.

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