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As always, book with confidence knowing that we offer great room rates backed by unsurpassed customer support. The Bestway Motel is conveniently situated close to ambassador bridge, restaurants and shopping.Each of the rooms in the Bestway has a refrigerator and microwave and some of the rooms are equipped with a full kitchenette.

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Connex also has telephone helpline numbers for mental health and gambling problems.

37062 (21-day residential treatment program for people living outside the greater Toronto area) 60 White Squirrel Way, 4 Floor, Toronto, ON Residential and non-residential specialized treatment offered, in Toronto, to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, and intersex people, 18 years and older, who are concerned about their use of drugs and alcohol. Connex Ontario provides free, confidential, and anonymous information about drug and alcohol treatment services across Ontario.

We take time to ensure the job is done right and you are completely satisfied with our work, because our customers are our most important asset!

Fowler Plumbing treats you with respect and dignity, and we believe you should have our undivided attention when we provide plumbing service in your home.

Programming for those aged 13 to 15 years is non-residential. 206 before visiting.​ Canadian Mental Health Association ​519-255-7440​ 1400 Windsor Ave., Windsor, ON One to One Addictions Support Program Helps individuals (aged 16 years and older) who have a diagnosis of mental illness and struggle with an addiction to develop a treatment plan.

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