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There are two *censuses (Numbers 1:1 to ; Numbers chapter 26). Also, it contains instructions about how the *Israelites should *worship God. He protected them from their enemies (Numbers -36). They did not trust God to help them (Numbers chapters 13 and 14). But he had to discipline them (to teach or to control, sometimes by means of a punishment) (Numbers -35). But they must wait until Aaron and his sons have covered all the *sacred objects. They must carry the *sacred objects whenever the *Israelites travel.

These record the numbers of male *Israelites who were over 20 years old. There is information about *purification, *sacrifices, and the duties of priests. Many people believe that Moses wrote the first 5 books in the Bible (the Torah, which means *Law). God disciplines those people whom he loves (Hebrews 12:6). The members of Kohaths *clan must not touch the *sacred objects. v16 Aarons son, Eleazar the priest, must look after the oil for the lamps and the *incense.

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Despite many failed promises to ourselves and attempts to change, we discovered that we were unable to stop acting out sexually by ourselves.

Many of us came to this realization when we started attending SAA meetings.

But the *Israelites complained about life in the *desert. The first *generation, the adults who had left Egypt, did not enter the *Promised Land. God guided the *Israelites by means of a cloud (Numbers -23). In other words, it ruins our thoughts, our attitudes and our behaviour. They believed that the blood from these *sacrifices washed their *sins away. There were many special rules about how to *worship God. But we do not need to follow these special rules still. When people killed Jesus on a *cross, he became the *sacrifice for our *sins. v13 They must remove the ashes from the *altar of *bronze. v14 On the cloth, they must put all the equipment that people use at the *altar.

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