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HDC offers the best knowledged trainers and consultants to cater for the international market.

The programs offered internationally are similar to the ones being conducted in Malaysia ().

It is based on Disney Channel Italy Original Series, Quelli dell'intervallo.

The show follows on a group of Malaysian Lower Secondary School students from fictional SM Jalan Mas (Golden Road Secondary School) on the school hallway during Recess. The first episode, called "Durian Breath" or "Nafas Durian" was shown online on August 18, 2010 in Disney Channel Asia website & Disney Channel Asia's You Tube channel.

Shor may be considered the de facto ruler of this afterlife of Sovngarde, as other divinities who hearken back to the Dawn Era, such as Tsun, also reside there and they refer to Lorkhan as their sovereign.

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