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Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore first fell in love on the big screen in "The Wedding Singer," and audiences fell in love with them.

"We were all very young and having a great time and I think so much of what worked on that movie came from how easily the two of them played off each other and could joke around and make each other laugh. It's their familiarity and comfort with each other that makes them comedically fearless.

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Says Barrymore, "We both felt it was time; let's get something going. And the next thing I knew, we were heading for Africa." "Blended" not only offered the two stars the chance to recreate their magic on screen but to expand their romantic repertoire as single parents Jim and Lauren, in a scenario that many people can relate to.

And then, to Adam's credit, he found us the perfect project-a big, fun comedy with real, touching moments." Sandler, who also served as a producer on "Blended," with Mike Karz, and with longtime Happy Madison producing partner Jack Giarraputo, sent her the script. I love it, and would you take a look at this, Drewsky? While struggling to make a living and raise their kids as best they can, looking for love is a more complicated proposition than it once was, involving after-school schedules, babysitters, curfews and tough questions. No longer a matter of just finding that one special person, it's now about finding that one special person who will also be good for your children.

And because of their mutual respect and affection for one another, no matter how far they push their feisty banter, there is always an undertone of sweetness that comes through." "We really do like each other and have tremendous respect for each other," says Sandler, before citing what he believes may be the real secret of their success as a movie couple: "We also have zero attraction to one another.

Drew has seen me shirtless and has just walked away, laughing." "Hey, I've seen you shirtless and I'm still here, so what does that tell you? "I think Adam and I have always been in sync and really bring out the best in each other," Barrymore continues. We're constantly thinking about how to make our characters more personal and genuine and there's a lot of care that goes into it, but at the same time we can let go and be silly and free together." Not surprisingly, their collaboration on "Blended" came about organically, when their hectic work and family schedules finally dovetailed into a lunch date-and, from there, a renewed excitement about working together again.

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