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See full summary » Two people from very different backgrounds fall in love and decide to get married, but not without their parents blessings.

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I don't know about the rest of you fellas, but I'm feeling pretty ashamed about my own penis right now. To the relief of Google-baiters everywhere, SEXY HARRY POTTER star and former TEEN Emma Watson is rumoured to be starring in the movie adaptation of the racy hit series FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, described by some to contain SEX, HARDCORE FUCKING, BONDAGE, SPANKING and female empowerment.

First came Seth Mac Farlane's boob-centric stint as Oscars host, then everyone piled in to insult a 21-year-old American actress walking down the street for not being as attractive as a comic-book character.

This is a story of two besties and the mental adventures they go through in six different loos.

It is a show about modern young 'girl bros' struggling to grow up even as they grow old. See full summary » Official Chukyagiri - is about an intern, and we see the corporate world from his eyes- like the ideals that he comes with after doing his MBA, and the real world out there and all the ...

But a basic truth quickly emerged: No matter how resonant or culturally up-to-the-minute a given film was, images of people staring at computer monitors were tremendously boring. Looking at the other films on this list, they could have been way worse. Fear Dot Com(2002)In this so-so rip-off of The Ring, a scary website kills everyone who visits it, 48 hours after their first exposure.

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