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This is perfect if you want to keep your data out of the cloud so it is private.Wi-Fi Sync Use your home or office Wi-Fi connection to securely sync between your PC and i Phone. Visit Calendar Sync page for feature list, screenshot and download. After making payment, download the installer or the Portable version of Contacts Sync Pro.

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In certain environments, the program must be installed on a PC equipped with Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2010.

Download Registry Fix How to Download this fix: Right click on the above link and select "Save link as" and save and double click the downloaded file to run it. Featured in "CNET How To" Contacts Sync is now available only in 2 versions - Freeware and Pro. Due to changes in Google authentication method (OAuth1 to OAuth2), older Contacts Sync Pro versions (1.x/2.x) stopped working after . Older Contacts Sync Free versions (v3.x/4.x) will not work after April 20th, 2015.. Export your contacts in the sorted order as CSV file, which can be used to import into other applications. Download Gmail Attachments - Free Android app to extract and download attachments from your Gmail. Automatically receive SMS and store into any database like My SQL, MS-SQL.

Use one-way or two-way sync modes, filter items while syncing, or modify them on the fly.

We also use this tool here at Code Two - check out these examples of teamwork and mail management with Code Two Exchange Sync.

To open another's users set of folders in Outlook, you need to set a basic permission at the top of the tree. It does NOT allow them to see the contents of your mailbox.

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