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I just decided to take a personal day and leave everything to Oshizu today at the school infirmary. I though you would be used to having those..."accidents" of yours when you are around female company by now! I'd like to think I am what with all the breasts I've accidentally squeeze and all the lady parts I've landed face first in, but...""But what my dear? I don't know..seems every time I get into these asinine adult situations, my body goes nuts and the worst part is, I've never gotten the chance to personally handle those..." Rito's voice trailed off as he struggled to find the next word in his sentence"Urges? "As your local friendly neighborhood nurse, I feel its my responsibility to help you become an A-class lover for the sake of any future young women who end up in your bed"Rito felt her soft feminine touch on his face as his body began to react to the stimuli."Oh...

" she explained as she led Rito to her couch she had earlier had her curvaceous body sprawled out on."Well that explains that. I-I've got homework to do and a hot supper waiting for me back at my place..." Rito began before he was promptly cut off as Mikado issued him a single command."Shut up and kiss me lover boy!

" Rito thought before he broke off contact with the gorgeous alien woman."I didn't say stop. After a good minute of a tonguing, Mikado gently pushed Rito away from her."Mmm..bad, but for future reference, you want to barely kiss a girl then kiss her and later French kiss her to get her in the mood for sex. His penis seemed to grow two inches just from the thought of finally sweeping his V-card!

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