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by  |  12-Feb-2017 21:21

Today, I’m bringing you a new website called Meet Skip that has really managed to perfect random text chat rooms.

They’ve taken their app to a whole new level by making it work perfectly on every different type of device you could possibly want to use.

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Cette page est réservée aux utilisateurs de mobiles.

Malheureusement la version finale de cette page n'est pas encore prête et ne le sera pas avant au moins un an.

First we went through and tested each of the services to make sure their random chat video functionalties worked properly.

This means that we could connect to each webcam chat room perfectly fine, and it loaded quickly. Next, we went through and took a look at the user base.

Since the webcam roulette trend began, numerous websites have popped up that provide similar capabilities for random video chatting with strangers.

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