Martin gore dating 2016

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Rather than her ending the relationship as previously thought, it was he who brought things to an end, according to U. Long regarded as a model couple in politics, the Gores shocked Washington when they announced they had split and reached a 'mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration'.

Mr Gore, 62, served as vice president to Bill Clinton for eight years but narrowly lost the presidential election in 2000 against George W Bush.

Since then he has remade himself as an environmental campaigner and won an Oscar in 2007 for his film 'An Inconvenient Truth', for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year.

Al Gore's 40-year marriage crumbled because of his wife's jealous rages that he was allegedly having an affair, it was claimed tonight.

The former US presidential candidate separated from Tipper because she suspected he was sleeping with a string of glamorous women. 'While there's never been proof that Al had affairs, Tipper allowed herself to suspect the worse,' a source told an American newspaper.'I think she's always believed there was something going on between Al and many of the women in his life.' The reports suggest Tipper, 61, was enraged by speculation her husband was allegedly involved with a Hollywood actress, a massage therapist and women he had had relationships with before meeting her.

Police were called to his home after a caller said there was 'someone tied up with duct tape and needed assistance' at his Beverly Hills abode, after contacting the star officers realised there was no such incident.

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