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Just moments after Mc Creery took home the top prize on the FOX show's 10th season, runnerup Lauren Alaina pulled him in for a hug and planted a kiss on his lips while the rest of America watched.

Soon after the public smooch, 16-year-old Alaina played coy with reporters when asked if she was dating the 17-year-old singer."I kissed him on the lips, yeah," she told "Entertainment Tonight," before teasing, "He might be my boyfriend, he might not be my boyfriend."When Alaina spotted Mc Creery walking the press line, she yelled to him: "They asked me if we're dating.

Mc Creery won't have to worry long about finding himself a new love interest, however.

It's a special relationship we have."Though he insists to "ET" that he's "still single," Mc Creery admits that he and Alaina are "really, really, really close friends." Really.

I didn't mean to offend anyone if they took offense,but my opinion is as good as the next guys,so i still stand by it.

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