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They will sell to a company that specializes in store liquidation instead of attempting to run a store closure sale themselves.

The parties who are entitled by law to petition for the compulsory liquidation of a company vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but generally, a petition may be lodged with the court for the compulsory liquidation of a company by: The grounds upon which one can apply for a compulsory liquidation also vary between jurisdictions, but the normal grounds to enable an application to the court for an order to compulsorily wind-up the company are: A "just and equitable" winding-up enables the grounds to subject the strict legal rights of the shareholders to equitable considerations.

The process of liquidation also arises when customs, an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting and safeguarding customs duties, determines the final computation or ascertainment of the duties or drawback accruing on an entry.

AVG Partners, which owns the UBS Center in Stamford, Conn., has purchased the defaulted CMBS loan against the 682,327-square-foot property.

The Beverly Hills, Calif., investor, which specializes in...

This is just flat out criminal "advance fee" fraud and you should contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately.

But what many of these people are after is merely the cost of the book, but they want that cost from as many people as will pay it to them.

Self-Liquidating Loans Self-Liquidating Loans This scam takes us into the world of international finance and arbitrage, where king-sized fortunes may be won or lost overnight. But, although they have big goals, they aim at small minds. Moreover, you don't have to have much more than a 3rd grade level of mathematics to see that the numbers just don't add up.

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