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We can also repair or renew any damaged units, doors and drawer fronts.

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'When you are tired of your old fitted kitchen, purchasing a brand NEW kitchen or having to replace kitchen doors, re-coat kitchen units or paint kitchen doors and cupboards yourself, is usually expensive and time consuming.

In most kitchens it is possible to utilize the existing units and respray kitchen doors, end panels, plinths and cooker hoods etc.. A full kitchen respray need not be excessively expensive.

Each division plays against comparable divisions from other towns within either the 1) Drop off location - This is especially seen at Settlers Park where parents often pull over to the side of the Settlers driveways, either along the golf course or going towards the playscape, to let their child out of the car to cross the road and get onto the field. It is very unsafe for the children to be running across the street, especially with all of the cars constantly moving in and out of the park.

2) Two adults present at all practices - As many (travel) teams have moved to professional coaches, it's still important to note that there needs to be 2 adults present at all practices.

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