Dating fender bassman 10

by  |  02-Jul-2017 11:01

It was a two-channel amp and came in a 4x10 combo configuration.

Its only effect was vibrato, as reverb had not yet found its way into the Fender amp line.

Here we have a vintage 1951 Fender TV-front tweed Deluxe amplifier, an early piece of Fender history.

These were easily the most powerful amplifiers commercially produced back then.

They all had the classic features we're familiar with now: heavy steel chassis, chromed control plates, and heavy pine cases covered with tweed fabric.

The next versions of Concert amps, the amps in question here, produced from 1960 to 1963 actually differ in two ways. Cosmetically, there were four different versions produced during this time.

The Concerts produced in 1960 originally sported light brown vinyl and tweed-era grille cloth.

Here’s a little background on the amps, as best as I can put it together for you.

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