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While the overall evidence for the pairing is hit or miss, we found an analysis that takes on a non-biased stance on Lara’s own feelings.It’s true that there are fans of the series that hope Lara’s love life to become a focal point, however it is nice to know that she’s developed a relationship with someone, whether it be platonic or romantic.Mainly, there had been no evidence of Lara ever having lesbian tendencies in the previous games.

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Cheat mode Pause the game, and select the "Extras" option, then choose the "Cheats" selection.

Select "Add Cheat" and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

We’ve found that if there aren’t a bunch of other devices streaming video from the same home network at the same time the 15Mbps per second is enough to get by without many dropouts.

Restart your modem or call your ISP if the Ultra HD video won’t play correctly. You can try searching for a title you know is available in Ultra HD, or go to the home screen on the Amazon Video app and use the remote arrow down down until you see Amazon’s categories for Ultra HD titles (see photo above).

Just by using your browser or going to Google alone, people can be exposed to as much nakedness, and porn as they want.

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