Midget cam rooms - Tune up not updating album art

by  |  12-Sep-2016 15:46

)Addendum: Still doesn't work for some albums, which I suspect may be missing cover art in the i Tunes Store.Will experiment with adding my own art and seeing if it pulls through Match, and update here.If you’re a subscriber to Apple Music, these changes should apply over the air.

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The biggest problem with using i Tunes to get album artwork is that each song needs to have all the proper metadata: album name, song title, artist, etc.

If anything is missing or misspelled, i Tunes won’t find your artwork. A very simple software program called Tune Up works on both Mac and PC and can download missing album artwork for you.

Restarting the app usually solves this but this is far from ideal.

I solved thumbnails bug by deleting all songs in general/usage/ipod, then deleting the folder itunes control through ifiles (it will create a new one) , then reboot (not just respring). (I turned device off and back on again before turning Match back on just to be safe, but not sure it's necessary.) You can go into your Music and see the little spinning wheel constantly working a half second at a time (for each album cover being updated from A to Z).

You could also just sync your library with i Tunes and let i Tunes Match sort it out, or with Google Play Music and let Google figure out what "Track01.mp3" really is.

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