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That was, like, 12 years ago when that happened, so you get over things like that, but it totally was very challenging,” Kaling told Andy Cohen on Kaling told Howard Stern something similar in 2014. Kaling has wanted to have children and had been thinking more about it in recent years.“I think I’ve decided that unlike everything else in my life, I’m going to be fast and loose about kids.

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Andy asked about Mindy’s love life and this is what she had to say: Andy: Are you dating anyone? Mindy: I saw the espisode where he was on and I know he talked about that a lot. I love him, and I think he’s a great person.” Thankfully, Mindy isn’t shy about posting personal pics on Instagram. Apparently their “explosive connection” is strong enough to ensure these best buds don’t stay apart for long.

Andy: You know, I just want you and BJ Novak to get together. Us Weekly reported on the interview, and Mindy had nothin’ but love for her former co-star, “He’s legitimately one of my best friends.

Novak and Kaling — who are originally from Newton and Cambridge, respectively — were all smiles last week as they ventured out to Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills for a sushi dinner, which could leave some witnesses suspicious of romantic rekindling.

Novak, former co-stars on “The Office” and real-life exes, were spotted out and about together, showing that they’re keeping the flame of friendship burning after a decade of being broken up.

March 24, 2005: The Office debuts on NBC, with several of the show’s writer-producers also appearing onscreen as characters.

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