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We do not tolerate rude behavior, we want to offer everyone a great time while on our chat rooms.

This must have cost Sainsburys dear and the police looked like fools with GM egg on their faces to have had some kind of advanced warning (remember your phone etiquette all you active people) and yet still failed to prevent the actions from taking place successfully.

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If you want a relationship that magnifies the human experience, follow these 10 cardinal rules.

And remember — a relationship is not a place you go and get something, but a place you go to give.'When I show up to a professional domination session with a new client who looks like Brad Pitt with an Irish accent, I don't have to worry about going home later and pretending like there wasn't genuine attraction there.''Would you expect your wife, a chef, to come home at the end of a long day and cook an elaborate meal for you?

It seems something else is getting served and we are paying for it.

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