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Com is one of the longest-running Black owned websites on the Internet, and the first to focus exclusively on Black male/female relationships.

After all, she is supposed to be offering constructive help to people, right?

I'm not the kind of guy who normally reads self-help books, but when a friend asked me to give her my opinion of it I decided to check it out. This book is hilariously funny & entertaining while also being highly instructive in how to avoid or deal with everything from gold diggers to child molesters to stalkers. Don't start reading this book on a work or school night because you won't want to put it down. This book proved invaluable for a discerning woman who is tired of the roadblocks to finding true love.

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to pull in a marquee name or two for each season: Season 1 had Billy Bob Thornton, Season 2 had Kirsten Dunst, and Season 3 has Ewan Mc Gregor and Ewan Mc Gregor, playing estranged brothers Ray and Emmitt Stussy.

Ray is a hard-luck probation officer with little more to his name than a deteriorating red Corvette, a sexy client-turned-girlfriend, and a long-festering grievance against his older brother Emmitt, who persuaded Ray to take their deceased dad’s ‘Vette while Emmitt took his (unbeknownst to Ray) valuable stamp collection way back when.

season has its own riff on Marge Gunderson, the role that won Frances Mc Dormand an Oscar in the original movie: Season 1 had Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman), season 2 flashed back to the 1979 to follow her dad Lou (Patrick Wilson)’s adventures resisting the Kansas City Mafia, and season 3 has Carrie Coon as Eden Valley Police Chief Gloria Burgle. Coon’s work prior to this season, and now I am determined to seek every bit of it out, as she is one of the most likeable and identifiable performers I can remember.

She doesn’t get a lot of flashy Coen-esque dialogue — that is mostly spread among the other characters — but the crime that sets the season’s events in motion touches her personally, unlike previous Marges, which gives her pursuit of the Bad Guys a quiet sadness that the protagonists in other seasons lacked.

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