Chat about masterrbation

by  |  08-Dec-2016 19:42

l then began to gently rub my wet lips before slowy pushing 1 then 2 fingers inside my throbbing pussy tunnel until they reached my 'g' spot.

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But before long l realised that this was increasing the tension in my pussy and l could feel the familiar twitching inside and knew that l had to go further.

l undid the side zip on my skirt which let me slide my hand under the top of the skirt and into my panties (luckily l was wearing a loose lacey pair of panties! l pulled down my top so it covered the bottom of my arm.

So I did as he wished and he finally ended up masturbating.

Obviously he took bath after that to purify himself before prayer.

I obeyed him as I thought it might help him when he gets tempted (especially in this modern era where women shamelessly go in the public by exposing their aurahs, even in their job sectors! Both of us were not sure about the islamic view in such a case.

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