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The music: John Landry’s "Bit by Bit," Zac Brown’s "Chicken Fried," Hal Ketchum’s "Past the Point of Rescue."What beginners can expect: Stroeder guides beginners to an understanding of connection and two-step fundamentals, including good frame, posture, timing, foot work, and turns.

The Spring Festival of New Plays will be presented May 9th through 13th at Paved Arts, 424 20th St. This year we will focus more on one on one consultations and fewer weekend retreats. Saskatoon Playwrights Circle Read the full post Membership Renewal Current Memberships expire on July 31st. Members have access to the following; Dramaturgical Services Submit your play for one-on-one consultations, workshops and more.

Want to trade your book in for a younger, flashier model?

Speed Dating is a fast-paced, high-engagement way to get of book recommendations, and finding the new book-love-of-your-life is guaranteed!

What to wear: Think Burt Reynolds, from Smokey and the Bandit, form-fitting jeans over cowboy boots, and a plaid shirt.

Cowboy hats and belt buckles are optional, but highly recommended.

If the thick-rimmed glasses weren’t cause for immediate suspect, than the too-large, two left feet and robotic hips, doomed to a life of pitiful sedentary, would be. If you’re craving a night of cutting a rug, but are feeling apprehensive about your leg-shaking skills, take a lesson.

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