Who is kate hudson dating in 2016

by  |  19-Jul-2016 11:29

She’s fun, she loves music and she has that hippie vibe Brad once loved about Jen,” the alleged insider claimed.

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Hudson, 37, clarified that Bill didn’t abandon her before she was born, telling Stern.

“He was around when we were young, it sort of teetered out,” she said. It’s a 36-year-old issue at this point.” Still, she came to understand, even at a young age, that Bill’s split from mom Goldie Hawn wasn’t her or brother Oliver‘s fault.

The outlet then outrageously suggested that Aniston had allegedly encouraged Hudson to move forward with Pitt and reportedly found her to be just what her ex-husband needed.

“Jen thinks Kate’s exactly what [Brad Pitt] needs right now.

Brad was also rumored to have had something going on with The fact is that Brad Pitt, now 52, and Kate Hudson, 37, are two big Hollywood stars, but linking them together in a romantic way by using the bodyguard’s description of them comes out like a preposterous tale.

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