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by  |  30-Sep-2016 20:23

But other than that, I kind of felt Twitter were just going nuts over something that makes sense.

This isn't battle against the sexes, it's more about not becoming complacent.

brigade this week over comments on keeping her hubby Matthew happy, citing great underwear and lots of oomph in the bedroom despite being knackered.

The conversation was best because when two like-minded women with a common platform connect, the energy and passion that soars is intoxicating.

What Emily and I discussed is the steady incline of girl on girl, women on women, bullying, a rise in sexual harassment across many contexts (work place, college campuses) and how the age is getting younger and younger by the minute.

Don't let this golden sx cams opportunity slip away, because chances like that don't come up too often.

I'm using over the counter Replens & /or KY gel inserts.

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