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During this season David sort of inserts himself into the forming gang.

During the second season David and Scott drifted apart.

Some 80 per cent of sexually active men over 50 are apparently satisfied with their sex lives up until their ninth decade, according to a study published early this year by researchers at the University of Manchester. The study found that 85 per cent of sexually active women aged 50 to 69 are satisfied with their sex lives.

Among the oldest group (79 plus), it’s a startling 90 per cent.

If I like someone and they died, I’d be sad and cry once or twice.

If I love someone and they died, I’d be devastated and cry for days or weeks.

Ruby Silver (daughter)Mel Silver (father)Sheila Silver (mother) Jackie Taylor (step-mother) Kelly Taylor (step-sister)Erin Silver (paternal half-sister)Henry Silver (paternal grandfather)Adele Silver (paternal grandmother)Donna Martin (wife/soulmate)Camille Desmond (ex-girlfriend)Gina Kincaid (ex-girlfriend)Denise O'Lare (one-night stand)Sophie Burns (ex-girlfriend)Valerie Malone (ex-girlfriend)Claudia (ex-girlfriend)Robyn (ex-girlfriend)Clare Arnold (ex-girlfriend) Ariel Hunter (affair)Kelly Taylor (infatuation) David starts out as an ambitious freshman, eager in every sense of the word; to create a name for himself at West Beverly, be it through his music or by dating the most popular girl in school with whom he is infatuated: Kelly Taylor.

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