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Sadly for her, she doesn't get to keep him: Willoughby chooses to marry for money rather than love.

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Women who make their own money and have their own possessions are not impressed by yours.

Sure, she will want to know you are ambitious and can match her efforts in life, but bragging about who you’ve met or what you drive or where you live, will send her running for the hills.

In a world where chivalry and courtship seem to be the stuff of history books, and men complain that they shouldn’t have to pay for dinner if women want equality – it is plain to see that we need to bring some dignity back to dating and relationships. Will she be offended if you pick up the whole bill? The idea is to set yourself apart by showing a woman that you are genuinely interested in her, and are willing to put in effort – not just during the first few dates, but over time (potentially forever).

My belief is that there are so many mixed messages about what women want in a relationship, that we, as guys, can easily get confused. If this sounds like a lot of work to you, consider this: A woman who loves and cares for you will always exceed or match your efforts. It is far more fulfilling to put effort into one relationship with a woman you truly love, than it is to put effort into always meeting a new woman a few months later because you didn’t give someone the attention she deserved.

We've been going out for six months now, and I feel like we're getting along great except for one thing: I can't stand the way she treats servers at restaurants. What I recommend is to act as a model for good behavior and demonstrate good leadership for, and not against, your girlfriend. Follow them into the kitchen and ask how they're doing, and what they can do to help. A: The only bad idea is to date someone who DOESN'T work with you. They're on team Meijer or team H&R Block or team County Land Appraiser's Office. You think Home Depot's not considering branching out into power tools that also have frozen dinners in the handles?

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