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by  |  02-May-2017 07:44

David Bowie’s favourite new star was New Zealand’s 19-year-old pop genius Lorde, whom he said sounded like “tomorrow” – and according to Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson, he also called Lorde “the future of music”.

Lorde herself is dishing out the praises these days, on Tuesday (June 14) declaring Irish electro-pop guy EDEN’s new song ‘Sex’ “messy and emotional and twitchy and kind of in love and definitely freaked out as that situation feels.” Calling to mind Lorde’s synaesthesia – the condition that causes her to see colours when she hears music – she added, “It does something very simple and intense to my brain.

Facebook says explicitly on its help pages that it doesn’t record conversations, but that it does use the audio to identify what is happening around the phone.

The site promotes the feature as an easy way of identifying what you are listening to or watching, to make it easier and quicker to post about whatever’s going on.

maybe that money would have been better off somewhere else.

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