Brazil dating tour

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Brazil’s culture has also been shaped by Portuguese colonisers, who brought their language and religion (Catholicism); indigenous groups, who helped shape Brazil’s folklore and traditional dance and music; and other various migrant groups from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Despite their trademark joyous character, it’s hard to miss the large discrepancy in wealth in Brazil’s cities, where you’ll find favelas (slums) right next to wealthy communities.

Brazil's economy is showing signs it's climbing out of its two-year recession, and international investors are snatching up the country's stocks.

Economic activity in Latin America's largest country grew at its fastest pace since 2010, according to a central bank indicator.

Brazilian culture is dripping with African influences.

Afro-Brazilians have left their stamp on much of the music, food and dance synonymous with Brazilian identity, including samba, capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) and feijoada (the closest Brazil comes to a national dish).

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