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For setup the only file you need to download is sikulixsetup-1.1.2-#timestamp#.jar: (download by clicking this link, store in an preferably empty folder and run by doubleclicking the jar) sikulixsetup...(on Linux it might be necessary to switch on the executable file attribute) this setup jar and the other jars look like this after download: sikulix...-1.1.2-YYYYMMDD. Sikulix Other folders stored there: -- the folder containing the native libraries (Sikulix Libs_versionstamp/) -- the Lib folder containing the supporting stuff for Jython and JRuby (Lib/) -- the folder containing the tessdata stuff (Sikulix Tesseract/) only in case of problems it might be necessary to visit this folder.

This should be further Date: Mon Apr 18 2016 -0400 Don't override the http status code when successful in diff --git lib/ansible/module_utils/lib/ansible/module_utils/index 5526921..0c00fe8 100644 --- lib/ansible/module_utils/lib/ansible/module_utils/@@ -887,8 887,7 @@ def fetch_url url_password=password, http_agent=http_agent, force_basic_auth=force_basic_auth, follow_redirects=follow_redirects) info.update( - info['url'] = r.geturl() # The URL goes in too, because of redirects.

What you choose to compete in is up to you but Self Introduction, Formalwear and atleast ONE optional is required!

to edit/run scripts with the IDE you must have at least one of the following (suboptions 1.1 and 1.2): Jython 1.1 for scripting with Python/Jython (is Jython 2.7 and needs Java 7 ) for use with Java 6 download Jython 2.5 JRuby 1.2 for scripting with Ruby/JRuby (is JRuby sikulixsetup API For the use of Sikuli X with Java and Java aware languages/frameworks you need the libs package for your system - for Windows: sikulixlibswin - for Mac: sikulixlibsmac - for Linux: sikulixlibslux you need the tessdata base english package - tessdata-eng: tesseract-ocr-3.02(leave it as is (...gz) - do not uncompress nor unpack) fixed: should not act (click, move, ...) if Find Failed should be ignored (set Find Failed Response) fixed: paste() did not return 1 on success but 0 revised: Clipboard(): system clipboard as singleton added: download link in Sikuli X1 Essentials ( fixed: Bug #1694102: mac OS: pop File() hangs (should run on Event Queue) fixed: Bug #1693687: Col(n, cols): negative n did not work fixed: Bug #1693110 VNC: type(Key.

UP) did not work fixed: new Finder().destroy() throws NPE implemented: VNCClient::server Cut Text(): to get clipboard content from server after a ctrl-c (tested only on Mac-Mac) fixed: VNCRobot: key modifiers not handled correctly for type(..., modifiers) fixed: Best() throws Index Out Of Bounds if nothing found, should return null revised: changed the way, the tigervnc-viewer jar is referenced (sikulix2tigervc-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) fixed: Linux Util: checking availability of xdotool should use -v insread of version (Bug #1687263) fixed: ADBScreen: device in landscape orientation: capture did not work (Bug #1686355) fixed: find All() should throw Find Failed according to docs and support Find Failed Response handling.

There are two , or http clients in this scenario: the one that is giving you the result you want (ex., Firefox, IE, Chrome, or Safari), and the one that is not giving you the result you want (ex., LWP, wget, or c URL).

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