Sam witwer dating meaghan rath

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Because he is willing to do anything for his art, and because the ABC publicity department kicked in some extra money for the makeup artist's overtime, he has agreed to leave the safety of the Sony lot and promote the new TV series (premiering tonight at 8 pm/ET on ABC), the one that many critics, based on the premise alone, have already bombed back to the Stone Age.

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), in a lovely Colonial-style home "with architectural shingle, white siding, black shutters, a nice portico.

I could go on."We ask (and by "we" I mean me, a guy with a tape recorder and a pained expression, pretending to interview a guy who's pretending to be a Caveman) the important questions you'd want us to ask: whether people make assumptions about him because of his appearance, whether he knows where to find Osama Bin Laden, whether people ever say cruel things to him like, "Hey, Yabba Dabba Douche Bag!

The crux of it came when Sally lost her engagement ring, a mistake that enraged Danny.

He was convinced she was covering up infidelity, making excuses, and, in a fit of rage, pushed her down the stairs, and killed her.

The despair cherry is placed on top of this angst sundae when Sally brings her two roomies breakfast in bed, because they’re all screwed and she’s so ravenous she ate everything in the house.

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