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Desperate spouses in China who are seeking an amicable end to their partners' transgressions are hiring "mistress hunters" — trained professionals that are sent undercover to "accidentally" meet and dissuade the third party in a marriage to put an end to an affair, The "mistress hunters" — like those employed by Shanghai Weiqing Network Technology — can charge hourly rates from 800 to 1,000 yuan (5.74 to 4.67), and they are private investigators and marriage counselors combined.The company's founder, 49-year-old former journalist Shu Xin, earns up to 3,000 yuan (3.91) per hour.

Middlebury's current collections focus on economics, education and social sciences, literature, philosophy, history, and politics, military affairs, and law.

There are currently 25 cabinet-level Departments Constituting the State Council (国务院组成部门) of the People's Republic of China: 20 ministries, 3 commissions, the central bank and the National Audit Office.

On this front, China is faring better than Israel: Taiwan's diplomatic isolation is almost complete, while more than 70 per cent of UN members now recognise the state of Palestine.

Both are well resourced, and because of language barriers, much of their work is outside the view of most Australians.

Rory Mc Ilroy, of Northern Ireland, hugs his caddie, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, during the par-3 competition before the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga.

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