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He is approached by Charles Beckendorf, and the two head off to attack The Princess Andromeda.

Kronos, hosted in the mortal body of Luke, is not caught off guard because of a spy at Camp Half-Blood, and Beckendorf is killed.

Author'note : This is my first fanfiction story so if you have comments or ideas to .. Percy Jackson had gone through three different relationships; all of them ending in pain .. Read Betrayel and the new Guardian from the story Percy Jackson Son of Chaos Husband Of . Summary: Artemis has been dating Wally for six years when she overhears a snippet of conversation he's having . Our Bedroom After the War//A Percy Jackson Fanfiction .. Makes you wonder if Apollo is in love with Artemis , I mean Gods do .. (Then again, if it's between her life and Artemis's , Zoe.

- Percy is betrayed forgotten and thrown away like yesterday's trash by .

Percy awakens later in his father's underwater palace, which is under siege by the Titan Oceanus.

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