wander dating minnesota - Dianna agron dating chord overstreet

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Dianna had waited out side of Lea's trailer and they then walked to the set meeting area, when they arrived everyone was taking their seats and their attention was on Ryan at the front of the room.

Dianna and Lea took to empty seats prepared themselves for what he was going to announce.

Taylor squared, as they came to be known, dated for just a few months in 2009 before their relationship eventually fizzled.

Selena and Taylor's friendship, however, is still going strong.

When presented the excellent opportunity to interact with a cast of characters as fun and free-spirited as the cast of "Glee" and, more specifically, "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie," it is not to be wasted by asking generic interview questions like "Why do you love this role? " Instead, MTV News first had the "Glee" cast give us a musical preview of the film's story line.

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