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Donald Trump's daughter certainly had a thing for famous men, judging by the two stars she was previously linked to in her mid-20s. The 35-year-old business mogul briefly dated Grace back in 2006.

The owner of her eponymous lifestyle brand had to kiss a few frogs before finding her Prince Charming -- and the list includes "Spiderman" star Topher Grace and U. In fact, Ivanka celebrated her 25th birthday in 2006 alongside the hunky actor at Las Vegas nightclub, Pure.

Alas, all that glitters isn’t gold, and once it became obvious that Yaris merely adapts to the personality of the music man she’s dating at the time (when she was with Lloyd Banks, she was the Complete Bronx Fishwife; she starts in with Joe Budden, and she becomes The Real House-Hoe of Bergen County; now, she’s with Ab-Soul, & she’s become an Crunchy Granola Folkie Earth Mother; if she ever dated a rock’n’roll guy, she’d probably become a Motley Crue fan & start throwing the goat…), she started looking less like wifey material and more like Stepford Wifey material.

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To mark the 150th anniversary of Wright’s birth (June 8, 1867), the community is curating a June-through-September calendar of Wright-centered events devoted to fun, history and Kankakee’s founding role in Wright’s impact on the built environment.

In June, the Bradley House will host Frank’s Birthday Extravaganza, an event designed to meet the standard set by Wright’s action-packed life, which stretched to 91 years and still could barely contain his many adventures, creations, and personal reinventions.

50 Cent’s rap name is inspired by an infamous Brooklyn stick-up kid named Kelvin Martin.

Nicknamed 50 Cent due to his diminutive size, it’s been alleged that he robbed popular rappers such as Rakim and LL Cool J during the ’80s and can ironically be spotted on the cover of Eric B.

Click through to see the sexiest, and sometimes insane, strippers who have dated rappers.

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