Dating a cia agent bipolar disorder and internet dating

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My answer: “Hell no.” There is nothing less sexy than hearing your Eastern European asset comment in broken English, “You have nice tits for an American girl,” while he ashes his eighth cigarette on your lap.The season finale of , “The Colonel,” focuses on the fallout from out-of-control spy-asset relationships.

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If you thought getting parental approval of your boyfriend or girlfriend was tough, try getting the CIA’s.

Having Uncle Sam monitor your sex life sounds crazy, but it’s the CIA’s way of ensuring that its employees aren’t being targeted by foreign intelligence agencies. intelligence officers in the hopes of getting intelligence from them.

The first and most important rule for being a CIA spy is: Don’t fuck your asset.

This rule bears repeating: Don’t sleep with your asset, don’t nail a potential asset, don’t have “relations” with someone who even relationship; sex in the world of espionage can have deadly consequences.

Its first civilian director, Allen Dulles, had “at least a hundred affairs” including while serving as Director of Central Intelligence.

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