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The colors are: Wild Strawberry, Sunset Orange, Razzmatazz, Scarlet, Cerulean, Vivid Violet, Denim, Carnation Pink, Granny Smith Apple, Purple Heart, Dandelion (RIP, it was discontinued from the crayon box), and White.

Bangbros Network is the collection of 40 hot exclusive sites rolled into 1 mega pass. All of the sites are 100% original, exclusive and filmed in High Definition.

Get your nails ready, because Sally Hansen and Crayola have joined creative, color-loving forces for a back-to-school-inspired collection that reminds us of a simpler time. There are countless of colors to choose from, and certain brands give a unique and evocative name.

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The Solution: Take a Romantic Break All couples are tired at the end of a long day.

And it’s hard to have energy for romance by the time you get everyone to bed and deal with chores. "You have to prioritize what's important," sex educator Sadie Allison, whose best-selling books include Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!

But a healthy sex life is a key part of an intimate relationship, and neglecting it can push the two of you further apart.

There are many reasons people in long-term relationships find themselves reaching for the pillow or the remote control instead of their partner's body after the sun goes down.

"There's biological evidence that novel experiences cause the release of dopamine in the brain." Dopamine is a chemical messenger that affects the pleasure center in your brain.

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