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); the consequence of this is that the data effectively becomes public property.With something as sensitive as a password it's reasonable that a control (like property.

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The data binding process happens automatically as soon as we assign the list to the Items Source property of the List View, but the result is a bit discouraging: Each user is represented by their type name in the List View. NET doesn't have a clue about how you want your data to be displayed, so it just calls the To String() method on each object and uses that to represent the item.

This is a much more user friendly display and will do just fine in some cases, but relying on a simple string is not that flexible.

The whitepaper compares Loc Baml and classic Resx approaches with pros and cons.

Latest Release The latest release of the whitepaper and related code samples an be found here: Whitepaper and Sample Code Related Projects For more WPF resources related to Click Once, WCF, Card Space and federated security go to the following Code Plex sites (note the last two are coming online in a few days, stay tuned!

Ben Westbrook of Microsoft explains in a forum post that it was not exposed as a Dependency Property for security reasons.

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