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"There was no dependency on alcohol whatsoever," Wilson maintains.

"What there was, was an inappropriate style of drinking."• Then there’s his experience with depression.

He said, “Look, if `mean' means being a prick, don't ask me back.”• He also insisted on equality among the Dragons in the show’s promotions.

"If you look at some of the advertising you'd think it was the Kevin O'Leary and friends show," says Wilson.

Says Wilson: “I joke about seeing a list of the 12 signs of clinical depression and going through the list and nine of them were clearly me and the other three, well, I was still in denial."• Wilson stepped down from his company, First Energy, in January, to focus on his philanthropy and private investments, which include a baseball club, a British soccer team, an ad agency, fitness franchise, real estate, and a divorce solutions company.• He says he’s not as nice as he sometimes appears on Dragons’ Den, because the producers edit out the tough business questions he poses to pitchers.

"I've never seen them use the core business question I ask."• When he auditioned for the Den the CBC told him he wasn't mean enough.

O’Leary calls Barad “the best marketer I ever met.” O’Leary didn’t make the three years.

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