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Being rejected by a potential mate is the major reason I choose not to tell people right away, but rather wait until some level of trust and care has been established. My plan was to date someone for one month and then tell them I have bipolar.

Unfortunately, I would run into difficulty explaining some situation and have to tell the man I was bipolar sooner or make up a lie. My fiancé tells me he doesn’t care that I have bipolar because I’m worth it.

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bp readers respond I met the man who is now my husband weeks after being diagnosed with bipolar.

Though that might have been an issue, the melanoma diagnosis I had several years earlier was more weighty; his wife had died of cancer just over a year before.

If he can’t handle it, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later, for both parties. C., Coming out as bipolar resembles my journey coming out as gay.

Who to tell, and when to tell them, is a challenge because I hear so many people say jokingly, “He’s so bipolar,” not knowing the truth. E., Dating with bipolar wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.

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