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The rumor is these two have been cozying up in Nashville, though, of course, neither camp has confirmed the news. Check out all the dirt on the singer's famous exes (and possible new flame) here: A 17-year-old Taylor Swift cozied up to Joe Jonas back in 2007.The two were coy about their relationship until it ended sometime in 2008, and all the drama unfolded. That's got to be a record." Then, she wrote a song about it.

Taylor is the only artist in history to have an album hit the 1 million first-week sales figure three times (2010’s ).

She’s a household name whose insanely catchy yet deeply personal self-penned songs transcend music genres, and a savvy businesswoman who has built a childhood dream into an empire.

'I think about the relationships that I had in my early twenties and if they had been public, it would've been a disaster,' she continued.'And also, I mean, not to repeat age-old feminist points, but it's like you know, any male actor her age who's going out and dating is applauded and to just have a perfectly normal amount of romantic partners but to be held to impossibly high standards by the press, like it's just an unfair and unwinnable game.'Taylor's most recent romance included a fling with Tom Hiddleston that lasted a mere few months.

Prior to that it was perhaps one of her longer and more creatively fruitful dalliances - Calvin Harris.

Her large-scale charitable contributions are one thing, but it’s in the small gestures – the notes of compassion she posts on the Instagram photos of lovelorn fans, the genuine hugs she distributes without discretion – where Swift proves time and time again that platinum-selling, record-setting success has not changed her inherent nature.

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