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Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a new up and coming business or community organisation, JMT Ventures offers you the perfect way to reach the Jewish community.JMT Ventures also helps businesses and organisations develop effective marketing campaigns aimed at the Jewish community through its JMT Communications division.basically, read through the source for the Zip Archive class, and found it there....

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I zipped and transferred hundreds of gigs and millions of files ... But i belive that resulting files can be used with exec directly from php: For anyone reading this post and looking for a why to zip the files using add File instead of add From String, that does not zip the files with their absolute path (just zips the files and nothing else), see my question and answer here I found this post in google as the second top result, first was using exec :( Anyway, while this did not suite my needs exactly.. Also it may look messy as well and certain things could be cleaned up easily... In this example, it is run from a directory that is inside of the root www / public_html folder..

I decided to post an answer for others with my quick but extended version of this. So dont comment about it, its just a quick script with basic comments thrown in.. So only needs to travel up one folder to get to the root. It will simply zip the complete contents of the variable $path Base and store the zip in that same folder.

Through the JMT Ventures network of sites, we help advertisers reach the Jewish community and through our diverse range of content and services, we offer consumers the information they are looking for and looking to use.

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It does a simple detection for previous backups and skips them.

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