Dating childish girlfriend

by  |  01-Jun-2017 06:44

He doesn't speak to me for a couple of days, and I am always the one who has to approach him and get him to start talking to me again.

I have tried to explain to him that this behaviour is childish and not healthy, because his inability to communicate will only end up harming our relationship, but he apologises and promptly ends up doing it again.

If you don’t start by making a woman feel attracted to you first, she will almost always reject you when you show interest in kissing her, having sex with her or being her boyfriend. Attraction comes first and everything else follows that.

When a guy attempts to seduce a woman incorrectly (i.e.

I am beginning to get tired of this and am afraid I will reach a point where I won't want to care anymore. Your boyfriend is under the impression that ignoring an issue will make it go away, which a surprisingly large number of people think is a good way of dealing with things.

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