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This variety is not too surprising since one's health was (and still is) probably the most important personal issue of all time, made even more important during the era of primitive medical knowledge and practices and universal ignorance about hygiene and even the causes of disease.As noted in the opening line of Odell (2000), "Medicine is as old as man, no doubt born of necessity and wrought by trial and error." Self-medication was often all that could be had by most people and the ability of doctors to help a person - if they were even available - was very limited and their training and/or backgrounds often suspect.I'd like to find out more about it, so if you could help that would be great.

The breadth of variety within the medicinal bottle category is indicated by Fike (1987) dividing his classic book (The Bottle Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Historic, Embossed Medicine Bottles) into over 40 different "product" chapters, ranging from "bitters" to "cures" to "purifiers" and many more.

Within each chapter is a listing of hundreds of different embossed bottles with many times more embossed ones not addressed by Fike's book.

Dear Digger, I have two whiskey bottles from the late 60's or early 70's that pertain to the Indianapolis 500.

One is shaped like a race car and the other is shaped like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway emblem. Rod Cain Summitville, Hello could you give me any info on where to find the bottles called starboy the only thing I know is where it was from which is Charlottesville VA and that it is by Pepsi.

Turlington claimed the “Author of Nature” has provided “a remedy for every Malady.” “Men of learning and genius () ransacked the Animal, Mineral and Vegetable World” to find them.

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