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My wife found the whole thing to be quite hysterical even while it was happening.

There are actually a couple storylines that I wanted to finish out in the second book that I didn't, so I thought that I could do that with this last book."One such storyline? In , Han makes the unconventional decision to focus on one of the most important (and most overlooked, in literature at least) experiences of any teenager's life: college admissions."My one goal with these books has been to tell a truthful story," Han says.

"I think when you have YA books that are about seniors in high school, that's pretty much what senior year is — getting ready for that next step and making those big decisions."Things are going pretty well for Lara Jean when the book opens.

She can't help but let herself imagine four years of collegiate paradise with him: "I let myself dream about it for a minute. There are so many things, I can hardly name them all. To staying up all night talking and then waking up and talking some more.

I'm looking forward to eating waffles every day with Peter in the dining hall. To late-night laundry and last-minute road trips."But, of course, life throws Lara Jean a curve ball, and she's forced to reconsider her future entirely: is UVA really the place where she belongs? Or maybe even someplace further from home (and Peter), like The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill?

Directed by Rhys Thomas, the six-episode series, available through Amazon, takes place in communist Romania during the 1980s and was shot with an entirely local and unexpectedly talented cast.

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